Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need the services offered by GPS?

GPS is in the business of revealing knowledge that will increase effectiveness, reduce cost, or enhance the probability of reaching specific goals. Any organization that would benefit from better understanding of specific groups, examining the current environment, or developing stronger strategies to deal with real challenges would benefit from working with GPS.

How does the project process work?

Every engagement begins with the assignment of a project lead that will work directly with the client throughout the engagement. The project lead works with the client to develop a custom work plan that will entail each of the major steps necessary to collect the relevant data, perform the required analysis, and report the results in a useful manner.

What is the GPS policy on confidentiality?

GPS takes the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. Most of our clients come to us desiring to establish some type of competitive advantage and desire to have the details of their request and associated results kept confidential during and after our work.

What are the typical deliverables?

Our typical client has needs that necessitate the development of custom models to address their challenges. At the completion of our project process, a written deliverable that includes a summary of the data utilized, overview of analysis results, and conclusions is provided.

Can GPS help with data collection if the data we need is not available?

Our analytical staff can assist in collecting new data that is not publicly or privately available. If a client desires custom data collection, the project lead will work with the client to design a data collection plan that best meets the clients needs in the most cost effective manner..

How does the cost structure work?

GPS offers three levels of service for its clients and varies based on the source of the data, level of analysis needed, and the reporting requirements.

What are some of industries that can benefit the most from decision analytics?

Decision analytic methods are used in a wide variety of industries. Those that have benefited the most include business services, health care, environmental management, and financial services.

How can GPS help with elections or issue campaigns?

Our targeting tools allow a campaign to determine the segments with the highest return on investment.