• “...GPS was able to find key relationships that I had no idea existed and they did it quickly and cost effectively...“
    Marta Healy
  • “...Our organization needed to know what was not working and why. Guided Precision was about to come in, identify what should change, and help us get back on track quickly...“
    John Franklin

A Few Words About Us

Our team is dedicated to providing clear and actionable insight into major decisions in your project, campaign, or organization.

A number of organizations provide analytical services, but for the most part work is completed in a piecemeal fashion. GPS offers an alternative to you and your organization by joining state of the art analysis expertise, proven strategy creation, and real world execution experience. We serve cleints in four primary markets:

Private - industry is increasingly realizing the power of analytics to better serve and attract customers, reduce costs, and personalize the employee and customer experience.  GPS has brought together a team of professionals with expertise in most major industries to provide insight in a practical, yet transformative manner.

Non-profit - non-profits deal with monumental issues on a daily basis and need two primary resources to be successful: issue and financial support.  Our team possesses the skills and experience to identify and a target the most critical elements of your support base as well as determine where you should move forward in the future to maximize your efforts to meet your mission.

Political - our team has worked extensively at the local and state level to provide targeting and predictive analytics support to election and issue campaigns.  By utilizing a broad range of statistical tools, more efficient and effective steps can be made to enhance the chance of success in increasing voter turnout and candidate or issue support, and issue identification.

Public - government is asked to operate with the same standards as industry with less of the tools and resources.  GPS offers a public organization the same analytical and decision making tools that major corporations utilize to reduce costs and increase service quality.

 Our team of professionals go beyond simply knowing where to find numbers and producing data. We provide the knowledge necessary to be successful.